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About The Painted Ladies

“Demonstrating impeccable synchronicity” – The Dance Enthusiast

“fly girls for thinking people” – nonsensenyc.com

“Lively choreography that borrows just as much from hip hop as it does ballet” –  New York Times

The Painted Ladies is a NYC based dance troupe led by artistic director, Jenny Rocha. The Painted Ladies recently won BEST LARGE GROUP and MOST INNOVATIVE at The Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas.  They headlined the Floating Kabarette at Galapagos Art Space in Dumbo Brooklyn where they were the resident dance company for eight years. Since then, they have continued creating bold acts and providing captivating performances nationally. They perform for public events, variety shows, corporate events, private parties, theater productions, fundraisers, weddings, restaurant events and nightlife.

The troupe consists of a core company that regularly perform the specialty acts. All performers are professionally trained dancers. Clients can also hire additional performers from a roster of over 50 dancers.  Rocha can provide existing specialty acts or create new acts and shows for an event/project. Costumes and concepts can be tailored to an event as well. The company is available for touring nationally and internationally.

Acts & Services

Core company members: Jenny Rocha, Jillian Hollis, Courtney Drasner, Jamie Graham, Casey Loomis, Molly Blank, Stephanie Lane, Lashonna Holloway, Michaela Sprague, Tara Nicolas, Laura Anderson, Shoko Fujita


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