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The Dinner Party: A Whodunnit Cabaret!

Clue Production
The Dinner Party: A Whodunnit Cabaret is a parody based on the cult classic, CLUE! This performance experience blends dance, circus, theater and audience interaction to create mystery theater like you’ve never seen before! It is a full length performance and requires a rehearsal period to set and adapt the work to a specific venue. Choreography/Direction/Costume Design: Jenny Rocha Original Monologue: Ben Franklin Aerial Choreography: Joshua Dean, Jennifer Kovacs, Lisa Natoli Juggling Choreography: Michael Karas Performers: Jenny Rocha, Ben Franklin, Courtney Drasner, Jillian Hollis, Kenneth Ziegler, Jamie Graham, Joshua Dean, Lisa Natoli, Jennifer Kovacs, Rosie 151, Michael Karas, Jason Mejias, Molly Merkler Script Editing: Jenny Rocha & Ben Franklin Additional Costume Design: Joshua Dean, Ben Franklin, Michael Karas, Jennifer Kovacs, Jason Mejias, Jillian Hollis Music
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