Rocha Dance Theater NEWS

Rocha Dance Theater is going to Sao Miguel Azores this month!

Rocha Dance Theater will be participating in their first international performance in Azores, Portugal this September, an opportunity that Jenny Rocha is particularly excited about, as her family is from Sao Miguel, Azores. With the support of a grant from the US Embassy in Lisbon, Jenny will lead a 5 day workshop for students ages 13-18, teaching a modern technique class and setting a section of Battledress. At the end of the week,  RDT will perform a trio version of Battledress at a local theater called Teatro Ribeiragrandense. Free to the public, the students will have an opportunity to perform the culminating piece that was created during the workshop as part of the show.

This project was made possible in part by a grant from the US Embassy in Lisbon, Portugal, Camara Municipal Ribiera Grande and contributors from our Indiegogo campaign.

Company: Jenny Rocha, Joseph Rivas, Jillian Hollis, Courtney Drasner