The Painted Ladies Corporate - Jenny Rocha
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The Painted Ladies provide a variety of specialty acts for corporate and private events worldwide. Our roster of versatile and professionally trained dancers perform genres and dance styles such as contemporary, ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, go-go and more. Our in-house costume designer and award-winning choreographer offer bespoke entertainment created specifically for clients.

A few of the brands we have had the pleasure of working with:

Fan Dance

Book fan dancers to add elegance, beauty and bespoke costuming and choreography for your next event. This act can be performed with 1-9 performers. There are multiple costume choices to fit themes and color.

Gatsby Dancers

Our Gatsby dancers transport guests back to the Jazz Age with their energetic ambience and perfectly synchronized dances. Enjoy a variety of acts and original costumes to choose from.

Can-Can Act

A Parisian themed event isn’t complete without our professional Can-Can dancers. We have both a classic and contemporary can-can act available.

Showgirl Act

Our showgirl act is the perfect show for vintage and Vegas themed events. The precision choreography is expertly performed by 3-5 dancers and is accompanied by burgundy feather and rhinestone costumes. Alternative colors are available.

Ballet Dancers

Our professionally trained ballet dancers perform from a prolific repertory of acts and are popular for weddings, corporate events and more. They perform anything from classic ballet to contemporary ballet and hiplet. We have various costumes including white and black tutus, romantic dresses and LED options.

A Night in Paris Show

Book this cabaret show which includes The Painted Ladies in collaboration with a singer/emcee and aerialist. This show compliments french themed events, large scale private parties and more.

Tap Dancers

This show-stopper is sure to impress. Various costumes are available to fit themes and music can be adapted. Perfect for vintage themed parties and formal corporate events.

Parasol Act

This whimsical and flirtatious act is available to book for your next event. It requires 2-5 dancers and costumes are adaptable.

Box dance

This cornerstone act of The Painted Ladies was described in The New York Times as “hilarious manic tootises!” This high energy dance is a great headliner to variety shows and can also be performed for private events. It is the most performed act in our repertory!

Leg Lamp Dancers

Hire our leg lamp dancers for ambience, performances and greeting of guests!

LED dancers

Our incredibly innovative and original LED costumes can be booked as ambient performers as well as specialty acts.

Cigarette Girls

Book our greeters for your vintage themed events.