The Painted Ladies kick high, aiming to empower audiences with this incomparable and popular Can-Can number. It’s a perfect act for french themed events and parties, french restaurant entertainment, nightlife variety shows, fundraisers, corporate events and more.  The choreography is full of eye catching floor patterns, skirt ruffling, kicks, splits and jumps! World class event entertainment!

The Painted Ladies perform this lush and intricately choreographed fan dance with precision, beauty and grace. This  act is great for private events, weddings, vintage parties, corporate events, grand openings, restaurants and more.

Proper Thang is a staple act for The Painted Ladies and has been performed over 1000 times! The dancers create percussive rhythms on decorative box drums while simultaneously dancing. The choreography is one of a kind and the performers are irrepressible! A great act for variety shows, clubs, private parties, corporate events, nightlife, burlesque, fundraisers, NYE and so much more.

Jenny Rocha, an award-winning choreographer, can create custom acts or shows for your event/production. She has choreographed a prolific amount of work that ranges from ballet to contemporary jazz to hip hop and more. Her versatility and knowledge of many genres of dance allows her to create whatever theme or mood a client desires. Rocha can provide her dancers, hold auditions or work with your company of performers.

“Lively choreography that borrows just as much from hip hop as it does ballet” – The New York Times

“Rocha has assembled a strong, energetic ensemble and their commitment to Rocha’s
vision is a credit to both her direction and passion towards her own craft.” – NYtheater,com

Jenny Rocha and her in-house artists/designers can be hired as the creative team for events and productions.  As director, Jenny can create concepts from scratch or work with a client/presenter. Rocha and her team can hire dancers, custom make acts, costumes, original music or editing, manage talent and/or entertainment, provide makeup/hair services onsite, source technical staff and equipment, find a perfect venue and other entertainment aspects.  Jenny has over 15 years of experience in producing full evening theater productions, event entertainment, cabaret shows, nightlife events and more.  Jenny can also be hired as part of your existing creative team!


Talent: Professional dancers, aerialists, singers, burlesque performers, actors, jugglers, circus artists
Custom choreography
Costume design
Music production
Makeup/Hair team
Production management
Concept design

“Every now and then, I see a production that makes me clasp my hands with delight and I want to send everyone to experience it for themselves.” –

“Ms. Rocha clearly knows how to put on a show. Fun dance numbers, seriously impressive aerialists, and silly theatrical antics all shout SHOWTIME.” –

Book A Night In Paris for entertainment at your event, private party or theatrical production. This show will add impact to any event with its impressive choreography and stunning cast of performers.  It is a 15 minute show with additional ambient performances throughout the event.  The production includes a singing lead actor/emcee, a singing aerialist and professional dancers.  Additional dancers, aerialists and ambience performers can be added for pre and post show entertainment.  Hire dancers and variety performers for your next french themed event!

The Painted Ladies Cabaret Show is a full length performance of dance acts accompanied by a master of ceremonies/emcee. Ranging from high energy full out dancing to theatrical parodies and burlesque, this sexy cabaret show packs in everything an audience desires. Critics call The Painted Ladies “fly girls for thinking people” and described an act as “one of the best burlesque acts of recent memory. It has everything: a clear story, humor, great musical choices perfectly blended, incredible choreography, exactingly executed, politics, and of course, a group of super-hot ladies.” –

The Dinner Party: A Whodunnit Cabaret is a parody based on the cult classic, CLUE! This performance experience blends dance, circus, theater and audience interaction to create mystery theater like you’ve never seen before! It is a full length performance and requires a rehearsal period to set and adapt the work to a specific venue.
Choreography/Direction/Costume Design: Jenny Rocha
Original Monologue: Ben Franklin
Aerial Choreography: Joshua Dean, Jennifer Kovacs, Lisa Natoli
Juggling Choreography: Michael Karas
Performers: Jenny Rocha, Ben Franklin, Courtney Drasner, Jillian Hollis, Kenneth Ziegler, Jamie Graham, Joshua Dean, Lisa Natoli, Jennifer Kovacs, Rosie 151, Michael Karas, Jason Mejias, Molly Merkler

Script Editing: Jenny Rocha & Ben Franklin
Additional Costume Design: Joshua Dean, Ben Franklin, Michael Karas, Jennifer Kovacs, Jason Mejias, Jillian Hollis
Music editing & remixes: Joseph Rivas

Jenny Rocha is a multi-disciplinary artist with a focus on dance and costume design. She creates edgy, imaginative designs that are unique to her style and powerfully communicative. Rocha also hand makes most of her work. Clients can collaborate with Jenny on custom ideas or can look through her existing designs. She can also be hired as a wardrobe stylist or consultant.

The Painted Ladies can be hired as ambience performers, greeters and go-go dancers. Rocha has a large roster of professional dancers and a diverse collection of costumes. She can also create a look or design for the specific event or theme. Hire dancers for your special event!

This flirty and whimsical parasol dance can be booked as a duet or a quartet. Think springtime circus meets ballet!

Professional Ballet dancers perform this pointe act with precision and grace. The choreography is axial, making it adaptable to smaller stages. It can also be booked as a solo, quartet or large group act.  Costumes can also be adapted to different themes and moods.

Professionally trained dancers perform this sexy, classic chair dance and its tightly crafted choreography. Costumes can be adapted to different themes or concepts.

This synchronized leg dance is performed by showgirls in feathers and rhinestone costumes. The stunning cast will add a classy touch to any special event. Ambient sets or meet & greet can be booked in addition to the act.

The Painted Ladies can simultaneously tassel twirl and tap in this high energy dance number! A perfect entertainment act for private events, Gatsby/vintage parties, variety shows, cabaret shows and more.

These flappers will dance their way to your heart with this lovely charleston act. A great addition to Gatsby themed parties, vintage events and nightlife.

Known for her wit and comedy in dance, Rocha has a large selection of dance parodies performed by The Painted Ladies. As described by, the acts are “surreal, hilarious, and winking at political.” Great for nightlife, variety shows, women’s rights events, fundraisers, theater productions and The Painted Ladies Cabaret Shows.

Jenny Rocha has a collection of LED costumes and acts that can be booked for special events, clubs, shows and parties. This includes a luminous ballet act, cutting edge automaton dance and a gorgeous LED rose number.

The Painted Ladies perform various Halloween acts including a beautiful zombie waltz that turns into a high energy dance number, a thriller inspired group number, a Beetlejuice spoof, mystery theater and more. Book early!